I worked as a plumber in cork for over 20 years and I have unblocked a lot of drains in my time. The most common type of drain blockage is of course a toilet blockage. I was always amazed at what people thought would a good idea to flush down the toilet. However sometimes this can be nobody’s fault, a blockage can simply occur through normal use. The most common area in the toilet system where a blockage might occur if the toilet pan. This is the “U” shaped bend located just underneath the toilet bowl. This usually happens when people decide to flush nappies, air fresheners or even toys down the toilet. In many cases this is not a huge problem and can be easily solved through a little home DIY.



If you want to undertake this task yourself then you will need a set of plumbing tools. These include rubber gloves, a plunger, a wire coat hanger, old newspapers, a bucket, a jug and finally a set of cleaning tools. The first thing that needs to be done is to remove as much water as you can from the pan. Use the plunger to do this and try to shift any clogged up dirt to the side.


You may also use a toilet auger for any compact blockages. This is fairly straightforward, just push the wire hanger down the toilet and twirl it around to shift any obstructions. This will allow you to unblock the pipe if you keep repeating the action. You must follow this with a few flushes of the toilet.



When the obstruction is due to something soft getting stuck in the pipe then the best course of action is to use chemical cleaner. This is the best course of action because a chemical drain cleaning product will dissolve in the water. If you go down this road then make sure you use protective gloves because these chemicals can be harmful to your skin.


If the problem does not exist in the pan, then it is best to check the interceptor or the closest drain chamber to the toilet. Take note of the situation from inside of the chamber. If there is water flooding from the chamber then there is a blockage outside of the chamber in one of the pipes. This will require specialist DIY plumbing equipment to unblock this type.


On the other hand if the drain chamber has no water in it and is empty, then this means that the blockage is somewhere else in the toilet pan. In this situation it is best practice just to call your local plumber. If I have learned one thing from working with PES Plumbers aka  best plumbers in Cork 🙂 it is that seeking advice in these situations can save you a lot of money in the long run. This will avoid the problem escalating and also save you time as a trained plumber will be able to unblock the toilet quickly.