Heating and plumbing tips to survive the cold Cork winters


It can get pretty chilly in Cork during the winter months which always seem to last most of the year. Conditions vary from stormy, icy to snowy. These unpredictable weather conditions make it all the more important to ensure your heating and plumbing system is in tiptop shape heading into those cold winter months. This will save you time and effort as well as money by preventing them from breaking down.



There are a few things you can do yourself to ensure that your heating and plumbing systems are in proper running order. These are;


Use a programmable thermostat.

By having your thermostat set on a timer over the winter months this will shut down the heating system late at night when everybody is asleep. You can also use the clock to ensure that the heating comes on early in the morning to ensure that the house is nice and warm when you wake up. This will also ensure that you don’t forget to turn off the heating and run a big bill.


Clean the filter

In most cases the filter will need to be changed every couple of months. However it is good practice to inspect it once a month just to ensure that there is no dust or to debris after building up which may interfere with the flow of air throughout the unit. If you perform a quick inspection every couple of weeks you will prevent this build-up and ensure your system is running at its optimal level.


Clean the pipes

When the pipes get blocked they require more energy to operate. They will need to be cleaned on a regular basis and inspected to ensure that there is no unwanted build-up. This could also be a health and safety issue because any debris may ignite. Your system will also need to use more energy when the pipes are blocked, and more energy means more expensive bills.


Close your windows

When you leave your windows open at night time heat will escape therefore it is important to ensure that they are closed. You may open them during the warmer parts of the day to air out a room however experts agree that 15 minutes is sufficient time to achieve this. Is also a good idea to seal up any cracks or openings in the window frames to prevent heat escaping!


It is important to find a reputable contractor who can provide you with the right maintenance and advice in relation to getting the most out of your heating system during the winter months. There are many to choose from however for those in the Cork area, when it comes to heating and plumbing, PES Plumbers Cork are my top choice.

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